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Vinyl Flooring
We have the answers to eliminate some of these processes.

Consider the benefits of InstaSHIELD:

    • DURABILITY – One time application, just sweep & mop or auto scrub
    • LOW MAINTENANCE – Easy to clean
    • SAFETY – Reduces slips and falls
    • SAVINGS – Reduces labor and material costs
    • SUPERIOR QUALITY – Environmentally safe
    • WARRANTY – Peace of mind for up to 4 years
Other standard maintenance programs available for your vinyl.


Customer Satisfaction
Cameron Monteath
EBM Production Manager
Medical Modeling Inc.
"We purchased these floors because the wax that had been used to refinish our floors previously was too soft.  The titanium powder we use in our manufacturing process was grinding into that wax and causing the floors to turn black within just a couple months of refinishing.  Since installing the InstaSHIELD, we have not seen ANY signs of powder being ground into the flooring after about 2 months.  Cleaning spilled powder is now as simple as sweeping and our lab floors have remained relatively spotless.  We have been very happy with the way the floor is performing. Thank you!"
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